Cathie Wood is a well-known stock picker and the founder of the $60 billion ARK Invest, which makes investments in technologies like genomics and self-driving cars. Here is some background , Before we dive into Cathie wood Stock portfolio.

Wood founded ARK in 2014 with the intention of packaging active stock portfolios in an ETF structure after working for other investment businesses. Over the previous five years, her $23 billion flagship Ark Innovation Fund has generated returns of close to 45% yearly on average.

Art Laffer, who developed the Laffer Curve, which theorizes the connection between tax rates and tax revenue, taught Wood economics at USC.

Wood is one of Elon Musk’s Tesla’s strongest supporters. She believes the worth of the electric vehicle firm will reach over $3 trillion in the future.

Cathie Wood Stock Portfolio 2022 :

Cathie wood Stock portfolio 2022-2023
Cathie wood from ARK Invest ‘s Stock Selection ( Portfolio )

Cathie wood’s stock portfolio includes TEsla , Roku , Zoom , Block , Exact sciences , Teladoc , Coinbase.

Here are the list of ETFs ( Cathie wood stock portfolio ) under management by ARK invest .

2022 was one of the worst year for Cathie wood’s stock selection only few names did good Companies like Robinhood , Coinbase and Zoom suffered more than 50% drop in it’s stock values.

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