The hotel distribution channel in Europe with the fastest growth rate is online direct. Online direct hotel bookings are anticipated to increase by over 10% between 2017 and 2023 in Europe, whereas the majority of other distribution methods, including phone and walk-in, are anticipated to fall. Online travel agencies are the only other hotel distribution channel expected to expand during the same time period, with a growth rate of 3.3% predicted. here is the chart on Hotel distribution channels Market analysis:

Hotel distribution channels from 2017 – 2023

Hotel booking distribution channel forecast analysis
Hotel Distribution Channels : Online direct vs Travel platforms vs others

Hotel Distribution channel numbers in table format :

RankDistribution ChannelChange ( 2017 – 2023 )
1Online Direct+10.1%
2Online travel Platforms+3.3%
5Global distribution systems-1.5%
6Tour operator/Travel agency-1.1%
8Other Channels-0.9%
Hotel Booking channels , Distribution channel forecast analysis

3 major Types of Hotel distribution channels :

Online Direct Distribution channel

A tool that records direct internet bookings on websites and social media platforms is essential for commission-free direct bookings. You can use images to show off the features and resources on your website, and you can also utilize videos, interactive content, and testimonials to encourage interaction. A reservation tool can be used by lodgings to compile a list of customers and decide their distribution possibilities. This has seen big increase in booking .

Booking via Phone call ( distribution channel )

Because technology enables them to properly articulate and explain their demands, certain target customers may find it simpler to make reservations online than over the phone. By setting up a call center, you may interact with customers immediately, and staff members may be able to answer common queries and address visitor concerns. This method’s quick nature makes it advantageous due to its low acquisition cost. This has seen big drop in coming days for hotel booking.

Online travel agencies (OTAs)

Online travel agencies (OTAs) give their customers access to get-admission platforms in places that would be difficult for you to reach through your own advertising efforts. OTA offers a secure booking platform and may be the tourist’s primary point of contact for changes and cancellations to their reservation, considering its marketplace that enables clients to browse and electronically order tour items and services.

Due to the alignment of the tour parameters established, customers frequently use OTAs for their search before making a reservation. If you are listed on OTA, this is good as it may increase traffic to your website.

Which Hotel Booking Distribution channel is most effective?

Travel booking platforms like Agoda, Booking and Trip advisors remains most effective booking method because of technological advantages and customer services. this is also most preferred way of booking based on the customer survey till 2022.

Why Online Direct is growing?

Hotel groups like Marriott have to cut huge junk of their profit to these brokers so they have decided to build up their IT infrastructure to support online direct bookings. based on research Big hotel groups are expected to spend billions to strengthen their booking system. this will only pump up Online direct distribution channel as most growing hotel booking channel in coming months and years to come.

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