Influenced by investing gurus Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett, Chinese-born Li Lu has employed the principles of value investing to accumulate his substantial personal wealth.

Li, who as a young man helped organize the landmark student protests at Tiananmen Square, founded Seattle-based Himalaya Capital in 1997. He has managed the fund, which focuses on publicly traded companies in Asia, ever since.

Himalaya homes in on well-run companies with a significant “economic moat,” or sustainable competitive advantage over the competition. Like Buffett, Li has demonstrated an eye for long-term investments, with several of its holdings lasting 20 years or longer.

It’s perhaps not surprising, then, that Li, a close friend of Berkshire Hathaway vice chairman Charlie Munger, has frequently been cited as a potential successor to Buffett at the legendary firm.

Li Lu from Himalaya capital Stock portfolio ( Chinese Warren Buffett )

Li Lu stock portfolio includes Tech names like Micron, Apple , Google and Meta .

Banking names like Bank of America with strong balance sheet. Li Lu also holds Berkshire hathaway as 13% portfolio in his profile.

Just like Warren Buffett he believes in holding few stocks for long period of time.

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