The Producer Price Index (PPI) for the US was 140.43 in June 2022. In Japan, the PPI was 113.8 points. The producer price index has been rising during the past few months in all significant economies.
The average change over time in the selling prices domestic producers receive for their output is tracked by the Producer Price Index (PPI).

On other hand in Europe , German producer prices increased at the quickest rate ever in July, highlighting the bleak future for Europe’s largest economy, which is shackled by skyrocketing costs and slowing growth as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.

The federal statistics agency said on Friday that producer prices, a leading indication of inflation, increased by 37.2% for the year, the highest increase since records have been kept in 1949. 5.3% was also the largest monthly increase on record.

here is the Produce price index ( PPI ) for All Commodities in major economies like US , china , Japan and Europe ( EU )

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