Does Coin Flip investment trading wins over regular trader ?

Flip coin trading
Flip coin trading

You might have heard recent comment from Mr. Buffett saying “Investing is so simple that even Monkey can do better job then Financial advisor”.

Also if you are in trading meme’s you must come across this funny meme

iMarketsLive Review: Legit or Forex Scam? (2022)

Or like your old uncles or dad says Trading is no better then flipping a coin . So we decided to test it.

What we need ?

Pick up one index and try doing day trading on it , we picked up QQQ ( $QQQ )

Ground rules ?

  • Each position will be held for 30 mins on random time at a specific day .
  • Position will be closed before EOD.
  • All the position BUY or SELL are without leverage and with same amount.

Also BUY or SELL will be decided based on Flipping coin , really , like actually flipping coin. We ran that simulation for last 7 years.

r/wallstreetbets - Most traders underperform to a coin flip day trading bot

and here is the Simulation run result with 100+ runs.

YearAverage Annual PerformanceBest Annual PerformanceWorst Annual PerformanceDraw Down
Coin Flip Bot tradding

At least it didn’t lose money 🙂

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