Best 5 High Paying Side Hustles with low investment

best side hustle , passive incomes ideas
best side hustle , passive incomes ideas

in this Article we are going over the top five side hustles you can do to make extra money while working a 9 to 5 job. These are all extremely high paying and super flexible side hustles that you should check out if you want to supplement your current income and this really is the perfect way to segue into entrepreneurship.

No.1 : Amazon FBA :

Amazon FBA which is a super cool site, that anyone can start with a laptop and internet connection. I’ve been doing amazon FBA since 2016 and the potential profits that you can have been astronomical. it’s also something that you can do after work in your spare time.

FBA stands for fulfillment by amazon which is basically where you can get a product made overseas and you ship it to amazon’s warehouse where they get sent to the customer that purchases your product. Amazon FBA is much easier than amazon FBM which stands for fulfillment by merchant which basically means that you have to manually send out each product as it sells, so if you want to sell a product on amazon and actually have that prime shipping option then amazon FBA is the choice for you.

it’s much more passive and amazon actually stores your inventory and deals with shipping and customer support.

What you need to do is find a product to sell get that product made overseas ship it over to amazon’s warehouse and create your own optimized listing with great photos. In my opinion it’s a great side hustle to have especially if you have a full-time job as it’s shown that 36 of amazon sellers actually do have a nine-to-five job.

How Amazon FBA works?

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High paying side hustle , Amazon FBA

you can actually get started with as low as 500 to a thousand dollars, but I’d say that most new sellers will probably start off with between one to five thousand dollars which basically goes to pay for that first bulk order as well as to get shipped from overseas to amazon’s warehouse and yeah that is not that much compared to how much you can make in the long run.

As long as you put in the time effort and you’re smart about it amazon FBA can be a really profitable side hustle business. Amazon is the world’s largest ecommerce website with 70% of people preferring shopping on amazon over Walmart .

Numbers about Amazon business

As of 2021 amazon has reached over 200 million prime subscribers with 147 million of those users based in the us now I’d say that the cons to fba are the fees the sales tax and prep requirements along with all the back and administrative duties that need to be set up prior to selling but as long as you’re able to find one good product you’ll be able to generate a good amount of money every single month and yes it is somewhat passive.

There’s definitely some upkeep involved but most of the hard work comes at the beginning and yeah, a lot of your success in FBA is going to be in your product research.

We really recommend using a tool like jungle scout to ensure that the foundation of your business is strong that’s the exact same tool we used to find all our profitable products in the past.

No.2 Building a website .

which can be used for many different sources of income like

  • Affiliate marketing,
  • Personal branding,
  • Selling a course,
  • Paid newsletters,

       The possibilities with a website are endless.

Affiliate marketing and personal branding, in my opinion those are two of the top paying side hustles. you can start right now affiliate marketing is super passive and this is basically where you are promoting a company’s products or services in exchange for a small commission on the sale.

if you’re a decent writer most people that are already looking to buy a product will go on the internet and look for reviews and recommendations online, so if you can be their last point of contact before purchasing chances are they’ll use your link and you’ll get a commission for giving them some helpful information.

For example let’s say that you’re super passionate about tennis and you want to start a review blog on everything about the sport you have tons of product reviews on tennis shoes rackets grips strings and other accessories that you think the audience should know about and when you give them value that’s when you can actually give them the link to the product and you can make income from their purchase.

The same thing goes for a personal branding website, I made about 1.5 million dollars in profit from my personal brand last year and my website is a really important tool that drives people to my affiliates and builds my brand identity.

No.3 Private tutoring

I do recommend for anyone that has a skill or knowledge and that is private tutoring this is a super profitable side hustle and you don’t have to just tutor people in academics because you can also coach do group lessons or teach any subject in the world as long as you’re passionate and knowledgeable in the topic.

so let’s use tennis example once again say that you’re a better tennis player than the average person well there is someone out there that wants to get better and as long as you’re willing to teach you can actually make money off of it. The average tutor in California makes about $44,000 per year but it really depends on what you teach and your level of expertise.

You can start off by posting your tutoring or coaching service on craigslist, Facebook marketplace,  college Facebook groups or even websites like preplea. if you want to go virtual one thing I’d recommend is, if you are knowledgeable at test prep definitely consider teaching the sat act or any other type of admissions test.

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Good Side hustle , Become private tutor

How to make money in private tutoring.

you should easily be able to charge between 50 to maybe 200 or more per hour. I used to do touring all the time because it was flexible with my schedule, and it paid a decent amount per hour. it’s still something i definitely recommend for everyone because it’s really rewarding and it also pays quite well. like i mentioned earlier you don’t even have to tutor in person. if you want to register through platforms like tutoringme , , preplea and varsity tutor there are also sites like vipkid where you can earn 14 to 22 an hour teaching English from the comfort of your own home.

Now expanding on this if you want to take your tutoring up a notch you can actually create curriculums for your students and sell them online through platforms like “teacher pay teachers” in order to generate passive income.

You can literally start tutoring or coaching with no initial investment besides maybe a car for transport or an internet connection and a computer. so yeah i definitely recommend trying this out.

No.4 flipping furniture

Take an example like Couches, tables or chairs . I’ve actually done this a lot in the past where you buy undervalued things and you can fix them up and actually sell them for a pretty great profit. with the side hustle like this there aren’t any deadlines. you work at your own pace and you can have as low as a hundred dollars to start flipping couches can be very profitable because you can make over 200 per day.

if you focus on maximizing the efficiency and automation of the process which is $4K a month if you’re doing it five days a week. Higher range furniture can easily net you about 250 to 400 per piece of furniture so yeah many people they think that you can’t make money off of flipping couches but as you guys can see it’s a pretty cool and profitable side hustle.

The main things to focus in furniture flipping business

  • Bargain spotting
  • Negotiating skills
  • Refurbishing and
  • Marketing

which basically means finding undervalued things fixing them up and selling them okay so here is a rundown of the process first you’re going to want to find the undervalued item and try to negotiate an even lower price if you’re trying to make the most profit i suggest you guys look into getting dressers end tables and storage items like chest and trunks and these you guys you can find for as low as 25 to 120.

Example of High paying Side hustle , Flipping furniture

How I Make Full-Time Income Flipping Furniture
High paying side hustle , Flipping furniture

Steps to start Flipping furniture side hustle :

  1. starting out you can probably get into the game with small furniture and then slowly progress into more expensive and bigger items.
  2. After you get the item you’re going to need to do some type of repainting refurbishing or fixing.
  3. If you want to make as much money as possible you’ll definitely want to be efficient with this because you don’t want to spend a lot of time holding onto these items.
  4. Take some good quality photos of it and place it online there are tons of sites and platforms out there like craigslist Facebook marketplace offer up easy , eBay and you really can’t go wrong with posting everywhere because that will obviously increase the chances of selling.

No 5: copywriting and designing websites

having a website nowadays is super important because ever since the pandemic started internet usage has been increasing across all devices making tons of businesses realize the potential of online marketing versus the traditional method .

You guys should definitely take advantage of the businesses nowadays willing to pay a huge amount of money per project to independent contractors and freelancers that can help them with everything they need in terms of online and social media marketing.

On average copywriters in the us make about 51,000 per year working from home as a freelancer you get to set your own pace work from anywhere and you can take several projects from different companies at the same time .If you want to know where to start you can go on fiverr and upwork these are two great platforms for you to host your first gigs and get your foot in the door.

if you want to go a higher ticket i would actually recommend reaching out to companies directly and seeing if they’ll sign a monthly retainer with you this is not applied to just copywriting and website design, because you can turn any skill or person into a service based online business like this for example.

Real life examples of freelancing work ending up with big $

My friend alex fusulo she started off writing for clients on fiverr for just like five dollars per project and now she’s making multiple six figures in freelance writing.

 i have other friends that create websites for companies and small businesses and since that is such a specialized skill you can absolutely charge a killing and the great news is people will actually pay it so yeah copywriting , website design writing definitely super cool side hustles that you can start while keeping your job.

You can just start with the materials you already have when the economy gets rocky we often see that freelancers are actually impacted less and yeah over the last couple years we’ve seen so many 9-to-fivers you know introduce freelancing or start a side hustle because obviously it helps you make more income besides your normal job. But also even better in my opinion this can eventually lead to you leaving your job and pursuing your own business.

These are my top five side hustles for nine to fivers that want to make more income everything i talked about on this list has the potential to make you a lot of money .

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