what is the market share of iphone vs android?

Iphone vs Android market share
Iphone vs Android market share

Most smartphones in the United States today are iPhones. In one of the most recognizable technological images of the twenty-first century, Steve Jobs is shown holding the iPhone aloft while donning his trademark black turtleneck. Since its debut at the 2007 Macworld convention in San Francisco, the iPhone has developed into a worldwide phenomenon, with more than 1.2 billion handsets having been sold as of this writing.

So to answer What is the market share of iphone vs android? Check out this chart below :

what is the market share of iphone vs android?
Dominance of Iphone vs Android in USA market

The smartphone industry is currently a highly competitive one.

iPhone has accounted for a solid 16% of the worldwide smartphone market. But in the US, the iPhone has succeeded in capturing more customers’ hearts and minds. According to recent information from Counterpoint Research and the Financial Times, iPhones now account for 50% of all installed users* in the United States.

What makes this brand so well-liked when there are so many smartphone brands accessible to American consumers—many of them at lower price points?

Experts cite a variety of factors as to why the iPhone, Apple’s flagship product, performs better in the United States than other markets.

Of all the major smartphone manufacturers, Apple has the most brand loyalty. Nine out of ten iPhone users in the US want to buy an iPhone as their subsequent device.
iPhones seem to lose value more slowly than other smartphones.
In general, American consumers are less price sensitive than those in many other nations.
Apple has been outspoken in its messaging about safeguarding user privacy and data, and it looks that this message is hitting home with customers.
It’s worthwhile to delve deeper into this final point.

Winning the Privacy war :

In recent years, worries about cybersecurity and personal data protection have spread to the general public, and Apple has prioritized security.

Of course, no matter the gadget being utilized, security breaches may and do happen. However, a new study by Beyond Identity shows that iPhone users had a lower risk of being the target of security breaches and had a higher chance of recovering their data in the event of a breach.

what is the market share of iphone vs android?
Iphone vs Android Phone user survey

According to the poll, iPhone users were also less likely to have their personal information, credit card numbers, passwords, and other sensitive data stolen when breaches happened.

Despite these discoveries, Apple has been aggressive in promoting the security and safety of its products. A privacy. That’s iPhone.” campaign debuted in 2019, and most recently, Apple has targeted the data broker sector with a fresh round of commercials.

Simply put, Apple has used its marketing clout to affect public opinion at a time when Americans are concerned about privacy, regardless of whether iPhone is more secure than other devices. And based on these most recent installed user base statistics, it seems that this tactic is working.