Global Travel is coming back after Covid-19 low but

International travel data compared
International travel data compared

Before we go in country specific travel data here is the overall look at where global travel stands in

SEA : South east Asia

Asia Excluding China and SEA

& Europe.

highest travel is seen in Asia Excluding ( china, SEA ) mostly countries like India , Bangladesh etc..

Clearly Countries like Indonesia and Vietnam have seen more tourist and travel due to their relaxed Quarantine requirements, Contrary Japan , hongkong are struggling Due to Not consistent travel requirements for tourist . Here is the detail View on South east asia travel numbers. Indonesia ( which includes Bali , favorite destination for our Aussie mates ) travel numbers are on rise with 14.7% higher then it’s March-April in year 2020. Thailand once popular travel destination for Western countries is lagging with travel numbers down as much as 28% from it’s peak.

if you are not living in Planet mars and using Dodge coin you might be aware of Recent Euro drop which has fueled the travel to some of the low inflation Europe countries. France , Portugal and Germany has seen more movements of tourist with numbers higher in double digit from march-2020.

Picture doesn’t look good for our British lads with inflation on rise , as much as 28% in July-2022 data. Tourism is lowest , Down as much as 18.4% from march-2020.

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