AR VR user numbers and forecast

This week, Facebook’s parent company Meta announced a new all-in-one VR headset that draws on the firm’s Oculus technology to give a more advanced VR experience in its effort to make the metaverse the next great thing in technology. The high-end gear, which includes eye tracking and realistic facial expressions, is intended to enhance the metaverse experience by bringing virtual reality a little bit closer to the actual thing. Let’s discuss AR VR user numbers and counts globally.

Meta contribution using Metaverse on AR , VR devices

In its unveiling of the $1,499 Meta Quest Pro headset, the business stated that it “believes VR devices will help usher in the next computing platform—becoming as ubiquitous as laptops and tablets are today—and that people would use them in their everyday lives to access the metaverse.” Mark Zuckerberg’s idea of the metaverse has already received billions of dollars from Meta, but as of now, it is still only a vision.

AR VR user numbers

Users of AR and VR devices are still few and far between, according to forecasts from Statista’s Advertising & Media Outlook, and growth rates through 2027 are not expected to reach levels that would make mixed reality “the next computing platform,” at least not right away. According to Statista, 74 million people will use VR equipment this year, and there will be slightly under 10 million AR users worldwide. Both AR and VR are anticipated to have more than 100 million users worldwide by 2027, but that still pales in comparison to the billions of smartphone users worldwide.

AR VR user numbers and Forecast till 2027

AR VR user numbers
AR VR user numbers from 2020 till 2027

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