Bridgewater Associates, based in the United States, was the world’s largest hedge fund firm as of June 2021. In that year, the corporation managed assets of almost 105,700 billion USD. The fact that the foremost hedge fund firm is headquartered in the United States is unsurprising, given that the country possesses the world’s largest hedge fund industry.

What are hedge funds and how do they work?

Hedge funds are alternative investments with less restrictions than mutual funds, for example, because they are not regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). As a result, hedge fund managers employ a diverse set of investment strategies that are often unavailable to standard mutual fund managers. Equity strategies, credit strategies, and macro strategies are only a few examples of common strategies.

Hedge funds have grown in popularity.

The first hedge fund strategy was devised in the late 1940s, and the hedge fund industry exploded in the 1990s. Since the 1990s, the value of assets under managed by hedge funds has increased dramatically, from roughly 188 billion dollars in 1996 to over 4.5 trillion dollars in 2021.

If you are into table data, here is it :

Hedge fundAUM in Billion U.S. dollars
Bridgewater Associates105,700
Man Group76,800
Renaissance Technologies58,000
Millennium Management52,314
TCI Fund management40,000
DI Shaw Group39,738
Two Sigma Investments.’Advisers39,550
Farallon Capital Management38,100
Davidson Kempner Capital Management37,350
Marshall Wace33,107
Anchorage Capital Group31,080
Baupost Group31,000
AQR Capital Management26,100
Capula Investment Management23,900
AUM for biggest top hedge funds in the world 2022/22