In year 2021 average car prices rose 1.5%

in year 2022 this number was around 1.1%

While we move into 2023 with higher commodities prices and labor cost , we have seen higher estimated car prices across major brands at an average 4.4% .

here is same data in table format:

Car Model2021->20222022->2023
Toyota Sequoia1%15%
Honda Odyssey4%13%
Mits. Eclipse Cross3%9%
Nissan Z10%9%
Kia Sportage8%
Honda HR-V4%8%
Range Rover3%8%
BMW 7-series7%
BMW X74%
Land Rover Discovery2%3%
Audi e-tron2%
Subaru Crosstrek4%2%
Subaru BRZ-1%1%
Toyota GR861.5%
BMW 8-series-3%
Audi Q75%
Audi A62%
Audi A42%
Nissan Leaf-13%
BMW X2-1%
Car prices rise in Percentage in year 2022/23

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