David Tepper is regarded as a prominent investor and hedge fund manager. In 1993, Tepper co-founded Appaloosa Management L.P.
With a net worth exceeding $16.7 billion, David Tepper is recognized as one of the world’s prominent billionaires.

In 1985, David Tepper joined Goldman Sachs as a credit analyst on the high yield debt team in New York. As a head trader, Tepper remained at Goldman Sachs for seven years.
As a limited partnership hedge fund, Appaloosa brought together a small group of wealthy investors.
Appaloosa used high-risk methods, such as investing with borrowed money, to realize large capital gains.

Google Remains highest holding for David tepper with 13.30% , Amazon comes second with 11.09% .

David Tepper Stock portfolio

David tepper increased his holding on Energy stock like OXY to take advantage of higher energy prices in year 2022.