5 years ago when it comes to EV car vehicles we had companies in our finger tips but now you might need extra hands to count those companies. TESLA has growing competition from Chinese manufactures like BYD . Also Companies like Hyundai, BMW and KIA are ramping up .

While TESLA Model Y will remain popular choice , TESLA C-CUV EV should pick up the pace in sales in coming years.

Here is the projected visualization .

Global EV Sales Projection from 2030

Total EV sales are projected to reach 5,088,649 by year 2030. Tesla Model Y sales to reach 1,053,516 By year 2030.

Here is the projected numbers by Year end 2030 for EV Vehicles

EV model2030 Sales
Tesla Model Y1,053,516
Tesla C-CUV EV963,288
Hyundai Ioniq 5260,094
VW iD4222,144
BMW iX3220,259
BMW X3180,349
Kia EV6175,777
Kia EV5174,417
M-B EQC SUV169,234
M-B GLC165,982
VW iD4 X143,424
Hyundai Ioniq 6142,352
Global EV sales Projection 2030