Microsoft separates its results by revenue and operating income into three reportable segments: productivity and business processes, intelligent cloud, and more personal computing. Let’s compare it under the leadership of Bill gates vs Satya Nadella.

Microsoft revenue and income breakdown under billa gates vs satya nadella
Microsoft under Bill gates vs Satya Nadella

Microsoft under Bill gates :

Intelligent Cloud was 37% of the revenue/income generator under bill gates which included 2 major products , Azure and SQL Server.

Microsoft under Satya Nadella :

Under Satya though intelligent cloud remain higher share of revenue generator , other sectors like productivity and business processor gain addition 10% which Microsoft 365 and innovating competition crushing products.

A range of products created to improve business productivity, communication, and information services can be found under Microsoft’s productivity and business processes sector.

All of Microsoft’s public, private, and hybrid server products as well as cloud services for businesses are included in the intelligent cloud sector.

Microsoft states that the goods and services in its more specialized computing category are geared toward “placing consumers at the center of the experience with our technology.”

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