Bonjour , In 2022, France will spend a total of around 883 billion euros on its budget. The State’s financial commitments, which total more than 205 billion in investment, make up the first line of expenditure. With more than 130 billion euros, refunds and rebates was the second area of public spending.

COVID-19 recovery strategy

The French government has established a 36 billion euro budget for 2021 in response to the economic catastrophe brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak in France. This recovery plan is centered on three themes: the country’s economic, social, and ecological rebuilding, and it is designed for people, businesses, local governments, and administrations. The emergency plan for the health crisis with assistance for businesses has been added to this budget.
Due to partial unemployment and company closures, this extensive plan, which was started right at the start of the crisis, has been able to stop the increase in unemployment in France through subsidies and interest-free state loans.

In light of debt, the economic model

Although France’s economy is fast liberalizing, the welfare state, which frequently intervenes in the economy and finances of the nation to ensure that social services are provided for the wellbeing of its residents, nonetheless forms the foundation of the country’s economic structure.
However, this model is highly pricey, and the national debt level is still quite high. France’s state debt increased by two percentage points from 2020 to 2021, to 118 percent of GDP.

Here is the Detailed view for Nerds.

AreaPublic Spend in billion euros
Financial commitments of the State205.99
Refunds and rebates130.61
Advances to local authorities114.88
School education77.76
Research and higher education29.25
Solidarity, Integration and Equal Opportunities27.87
Ecology, sustainable development and mobility21.55
Territorial cohesion17.21
Labour and employment14.74
Advances to various government departments or organizations managing public services11.04
Public finance management10.02
State financial contributions8.93
Public Development Aid6.62
Social and pension schemes6.06
Relations with local authorities4.58
General and territorial administration of the State4.41
Advances to public broadcasting3.7
Agriculture, food, forestry and rural affairs3.03
External action of the State2.97
Air traffic control and operations2.37
Veterans, memory and links with the Nation2.02
Immigration, asylum and integration2
Traffic and parking control1.54
Sport, youth and associations1.49
Recovery plan1.24
Loans to foreign states1.22
Public authorities1.05
Government Action Directorate0.85
Undistributed appropriations0.75
Advice and control of the State0.71
Media, books and cultural industries0.7
répartition budget france / Distribution of France Budget 2022/23

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