On a year-over-year basis, India’s GDP rose at a record pace in Q1 of 2022/23, yet the country nonetheless suffered a second coronavirus slump. In this article we discuss india gdp per capita . India GDP per capita is estimated to be 9% .

Despite a 20.1 percent increase in GDP between Q1 2020/21 and Q1 2021/22, India’s absolute GDP fell to 32.38 lakh crore rupees ($443.8 billion) in the most recent quarter, representing yet another decrease in national accounts. Both this fiscal year’s and previous fiscal year’s first quarters saw significant waves of coronavirus infections in India, and this spring’s economic outcome only looks decent in comparison to last year’s far more terrible Q1.

India GDP per capita

The 2020 coronavirus crash in India was among the worst among major nations, with the US economy falling 9.5 percent and 2.9 percent on a comparable basis in the June and September quarters, respectively, compared to India’s -24.4 percent and -7.4 percent. The repercussions of the stay-at-home order become fully obvious in the quarter ending in June 2020, as India went into a coronavirus-related lockdown at the end of March, a month later than many other Asian and European countries.

India returned to growth in year-over-year terms in the quarters ending December 2020 (+0.5%) and March 2021 (+1.6%), while most other major world economies were in recession for the third quarter. Despite the illusion of growth, the June quarter of this fiscal year disappointed once again due to the devastating second wave between April and May of 2021.

India GDP per capita

india gdp per capita
India’s GDP per capita data from yea 2012 till 2022 , latest numbers , india gdp per capita

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