Facebook ( Meta ) Stock’s history analysis

History of Facebook Meta stock
History of Facebook Meta stock

Facebook went public on May 18, 2012, in what is now the largest tech IPO in history. Facebook raised $16 billion in an initial public offering, valuing the social networking giant at $104 billion, after pricing its shares at the top end of the scale due to strong demand.

The early days of Facebook as a public corporation were tumultuous, to say the least. Things got worse before they got (much) better after lacking the first-day jump that some investors had hoped for. Many IPO investors seeking for a quick profit jumped ship after the stock closed just over its IPO price of $38 on its first trading day, leading the share price to fall. Facebook’s valuation declined by roughly 50% over the next few months, and it took until August 2013 for the company’s stock price to rebound to its IPO level.

Investors saw that the company’s ad-centered business model was no fad, and that its pre-IPO acquisition of Instagram was perhaps the bargain of the century, and things generally went uphill for the social media behemoth from there. Despite some substantial failures – the company’s share price is up 433 percent from the IPO price – and a poor start to 2022, long-term investors who purchased into Facebook’s IPO have more than quintupled their initial investment with an average annual return of 18.9%.

Facebook Stock Meta History from it’s IPO

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