The chief executive officer (CEO) is a company’s highest-ranking official.
Although every business is different, CEOs are frequently in charge of growing the business, boosting profitability, and, in the case of publicly traded corporations, raising share prices. CEOs oversee a company’s entire operations.

CEOs are typically chosen by the board of directors of a company.

The average CEO salary of the 350 largest American corporations is $24 million, or 351 times the salary of the typical worker.

According to some studies, the CEO affects 45% of a company’s success, while other studies show that they only have a 15% impact on profitability variance.

Sundar pichai CEO of Google ranks 1st with holding of $221 Million in own firm.

Here is the similar information in table format :

Sundar PichaiGoogle$221 MillionTechnology
Satya NadellaMicrosoft$203 MillionTechnology
Lisa suAMD$168 MillionTechnology
Jamie DimonJP Morgan$147 MillionFinancial
Brian L. RobertsComcast$128 MillionCommunication
Marc CasperThermo Fisher$103 MillionTechnology
Top CEOs holding biggest stock in own form ( none Founder )

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