Loeb and other activist investors aren’t in the business of being cordial. And Loeb is very skilled at what he does—just look at the mayhem he created at Yahoo a few years ago on the road to a lucrative reward. With his Disney decision, he is attempting to bring about change once more and increase shareholder value, which has been clearly lacking from the business lately. In the last 52 weeks and during the past year, the stock has decreased by more than 30%.

Here is the Detailed Stocks owned by Daniel Loeb from Third point company.

Here is the detailed view on the stocks owned by Daniel Loeb as of August 2022.

Company% of total portfolioActivityNumber of sharesMarket value as of July, 2022
PCG – PG&E Corp.15.45Reduce 5.63%65,400,000$652,692,000
DHR – Danaher Corp.13.8Reduce 7.63%2,300,000$583,096,000
S – SentinelOne Inc.11.64Reduce 19.88%21,078,846$491,769,000
UNH – United Health Group Inc.6.93Reduce 5.79%570,000$292,769,000
OVV – Ovintiv Inc.6.4Add 172.00%6,120,000$270,443,000
EQT – EQT Corp.6.13Reduce 15.92%7,525,000$258,860,000
DD – DuPont de Nemours Inc.4.05Reduce 8.33%3,080,000$171,186,000
CL – Colgate-Palmolive3.77Buy1,985,000$159,078,000
CSX – CSX Corp.3.42Reduce 32.78%4,965,000$144,283,000
CVE – Cenovus Energy Inc.3.27Add 263.75%7,275,000$138,298,000
AR – Antero Resources2.46Buy3,392,891$103,992,000
HTZ – Hertz Global Hldgs Inc.2.35Reduce 5.44%6,260,000$99,158,000
DIS – Walt Disney Co.2.23Buy1,000,000$94,400,000
CCK – Crown Holdings1.75800,000$73,736,000
TMUS – T-Mobile US Inc.1.54Buy485,000$65,252,000
PRM – Perimeter Solutions SA1.5Reduce 5.49%5,850,000$63,414,000
LFG – Archaea Energy Inc.1.27Reduce 17.01%3,465,000$53,811,000
VTYX – Ventyx Biosciences Inc1.254,312,834$52,746,000
CANO – Cano Health Inc.1.12Reduce 5.87%10,825,000$47,414,000
PCGU – PG&E Units1.07Reduce 40.00%471,000$45,028,000
GB – Global Blue Group Holding AG0.998,537,601$42,005,000
JWSM – Jaws Mustang Acquisition Corp.0.934,000,000$39,320,000
GOAC – GO Acquisition Corp.0.713,000,000$29,940,000
AVAN – Avanti Acquisition Corp.0.73,000,000$29,730,000
CPUH – Compute Health Acquisition Corp.0.582,500,000$24,525,000
MCG – Membership Collective Grp Inc.0.53Reduce 3.61%3,470,194$22,487,000
BWC – Blue Whale Acquisition Cor A0.462,000,000$19,340,000
KVSC – Khosla Ventures Acquisition Co. III0.462,000,000$19,460,000
IACC – ION Acquisition Corp. 3 Ltd0.421,800,000$17,550,000
RONI – Rice Acquisition Corp Ii A0.351,500,000$14,640,000
AGCB – Altimeter Growth Corp. 20.31,285,000$12,670,000
LHAA – Lerer Hippeau Acquisition Corp.0.291,250,000$12,225,000
DGNU – Dragoneer Growth Opportunities Corp. III0.281,200,000$11,676,000
EGGF – EG Acquisition Corp.0.251,102,500$10,733,000
DISAU – Disruptive Acquisition Corp. I Units0.231,000,000$9,790,000
HCNE – Jaws Hurricane Acquisition A0.23992,739$9,639,000
LITT – Logistics Innovation Technologies Corp.0.231,000,000$9,720,000
SLAC – Social Leverage Acquisition Corp. I0.231,000,000$9,830,000
SMFR – Sema4 Holdings Corp.0.17Add 29.10%5,545,000$6,987,000
SHY – iShares 1-3 Year Treasury Bond ETF0.14Reduce 2.48%70,655$5,850,000
AUR – Aurora Innovation Inc.0.051,032,463$1,972,000
AUROW – Aurora Innovation Inc. WTS0.021,835,000$734,000
CRHC.WS – Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp. WTS0.01833,332$358,000
GB.WS – Global Blue Group Holding AG WTS0.011,333,333$359,000
JWSN.WS – Jaws Mustang Acquisition WTS 0130260.011,000,000$251,000
AVAN.WS – Avanti Acquisition Corp. WTS01,500,000$105,000
BOAC.WS – Buescape Opportunities Acquisition Corp. WTS01,000,000$210,000
BWCAW – Blue Whale Acq Corp WTS230500,000$155,000
CPUH.WS – Compute Health Acquisition Corp. WTS0625,000$138,000
EGGF.WS – EG Acquisition Corp A WTS 280367,499$58,000
FPAC.WS – Far Peak Acquisition Corp. WTS0666,666$187,000
GOAC.WS – GO Acquisition Corp. WTS01,000,000$1,000
HCNEW – Jaws Hurricane Acquisiti WTS0248,184$94,000
LITTW – Logistics Innovation Tech WTS 280333,332$53,000
RONI.WS – Rice Acquisition Corp Ii WTS0Add 33.33%500,000$150,000
SLAC.WS – Social Leverage Acquisition Corp. WTS0250,000$38,000
STRY.WS – Starry Group Holdings WTS250505,000$208,000
TMCWW – TMC the metals company Inc. WTS01,000,000$195,000
Daniel loeb – Third party holdings and Stock portfolio

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