After 2022 ( one of the Shortest Recession ) Economy bounced bank pretty fast.

Due to consumer savings and pent-up demand, retail sales recovered the fastest. Although things are getting better, producers and suppliers are still having problems.

Out of the four, Industrial Production has demonstrated the second-best recovery. Limited inventory and ongoing supply-chain problems are a struggle for producers and suppliers.

Since the recovery’s formal “end,” employment has increased, but for a number of reasons, employers are having trouble filling many open positions.

The lowest recovery can be seen in real income. Regarding trends and keeping up with inflation, income has remained a problem over time.

Here is the same data in Table format :

Industrial Production18.69%17.53%19.30%20.01%19.77%20.23%21.12%21.97%22.77%22.66%22.67%23.36%
Real Sales43.94%44.76%45.79%45.65%42.49%45.41%46.64%46.51%47.06%46.16%45.42%45.50%
Real Income9.57%9.81%10.33%10.51%10.52%10.34%10.67%10.35%10.71%10.88%10.57%
Big Four Indicator for US Economy

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