Germany accounted for 14.2 percent of IKEA’s total sales for the fiscal year 2021, making it the country where the most IKEA products were sold. Following closely behind with 13.4% of the share was the United States. In year 2022 United State might overtake Germany as the purchasing power of the Americans might overtake Germany and will be the top earning Revenue in Ikea Revenue by country list.

IKEA is a well-known home furnishings brand on a global scale. Since it was established in 1943, it has expanded quickly. Today, it is the biggest furniture retailer in the world and is known for its Scandinavian design. Most of the furniture sold by IKEA comes flat-packed and needs only to be put together by the customer. Costs and packing might be cut as a result.

IKEA’s considerable customer understanding is one of its most important competitive advantages. The business is aware of the elements that influence customers to make purchases and uses the finest strategies to encourage those choices. The core value of the IKEA business model is low prices, and the company constantly strives to operate as effectively and economically as possible.

The business must continually identify new and inventive ways to reduce costs and must incorporate these methods into its business strategy. The company has developed new materials that are less expensive and more beneficial to the environment, as well as new techniques for handling, managing, and shipping commodities.

Ikea Brand :

IKEA is not only the most valuable furniture retailer brand in the world, it is also the fourth most valuable retailer in the world, valued at over 48 billion US dollars, according to Kantar Millward Brown’s “Brandz Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2020”. The company has 433 locations and is active in most major global markets. IKEA stores receive more than 800 million visits from customers each year.

Ikea Revenue by country

Here is the Same information of IKEA Revenue Sales by Country :

United States13.4%15.5%16%
United Kingdom6%5%5.5%
Ikea Revenue distribution by Country

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