Starbucks is a well-known name in premium coffee. The following geographical segments make up its business: the Americas, China/Asia Pacific (CAP), Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). (International and the Americas, starting in 2019) Here is Starbucks revenue by country , region worldwide.

Beginning in 2021, Starbucks will break down its company into three major geographic regions, including the US, China, and other countries.

Look at Starbucks’ revenue from each significant geographic region between 2011 and 2021.

When compared to other top QSR chains in the United States, Starbucks came in second in terms of sales. The quick-service monarch McDonald’s, which had sales of almost 38.52 billion dollars in the US in 2018, is at the top of the list. While McDonald’s took the top spot, surpassing Starbucks’ sales in 2018, Starbucks came in second.
large-scale growth

Starbucks revenue by country ☕

In 2022, the corporation will have more than 31,500 outlets worldwide, having grown tremendously in recent years and more than doubling its units over the previous ten years. Unsurprisingly, the well-known American coffeehouse company had the most locations in its native country that year. The business has also extended to other nations like Germany, Indonesia, and the United Arab.

Here is Starbucks revenue by country region from 2012 till 2022

Here is same information in table format :

Starbucks revenue breakdown by country

YearUnited StatesChina + Asia PacificEMEAInternational
Starbucks Revenue by Country , Region , Breakdown globally by country