The current interest rates by country central bank are summarized on this page. The rate at which banks can borrow money from the central bank is known as the current interest rate. The monetary policy of central banks is shaped by interest rates. The summary includes information on each central bank’s historical and present interest rates. You can visit a page with a wealth of additional information by clicking the name of the interest rate in the first column.

Here is the Current interest rates by country central bank

Central banks current interest rates as of November 2022 :

Name of Central bank/Fedcountry/regioncurrent rateprevious rateLast change
American interest rate FEDUnited States4.000 %3.250 %11-02-2022
Australian interest rate RBAAustralia2.850 %2.600 %11-01-2022
Banco Central interest rateChile11.250 %10.750 %10-13-2022
Bank of Korea interest rateSouth Korea3.000 %2.500 %10-12-2022
Brazilian interest rate BACENBrazil13.750 %13.250 %08-04-2022
British interest rate BoEGreat Britain3.000 %2.250 %11-03-2022
Canadian interest rate BOCCanada3.750 %3.250 %10-26-2022
Chinese interest rate PBCChina3.650 %3.700 %08-22-2022
Czech interest rate CNBCzech Republic7.000 %5.750 %06-22-2022
Danish interest rate NationalbankenDenmark1.400 %0.800 %10-27-2022
European interest rate ECBEurope2.000 %1.250 %10-27-2022
Hungarian interest rateHungary13.000 %11.750 %09-27-2022
Indian interest rate RBIIndia5.900 %5.400 %09-30-2022
Indonesian interest rate BIIndonesia6.500 %6.750 %06-16-2016
Israeli interest rate BOIIsrael2.750 %2.000 %10-03-2022
Japanese interest rate BoJJapan-0.100 %0.000 %02-01-2016
Mexican interest rate BanxicoMexico9.250 %8.500 %09-29-2022
New Zealand interest rateNew Zealand3.500 %3.000 %10-05-2022
Norwegian interest rateNorway2.250 %1.750 %09-22-2022
Polish interest ratePoland6.750 %6.500 %09-07-2022
Russian interest rate CBRRussia7.500 %8.000 %09-16-2022
Saudi Ariabian interest rateSaudi Arabia3.750 %3.000 %09-22-2022
South African interest rate SARBSouth Africa6.250 %5.500 %09-22-2022
Swedish interest rate RiksbankSweden1.750 %0.750 %09-20-2022
Swiss interest rate SNBSwitzerland0.500 %-0.250 %09-22-2022
Turkish interest rate CBRTTurkey10.500 %12.000 %10-20-2022
Interest rates by Central banks around the globe , by country

while Japan , China and Switzerland still holding negative interest rate to support the economy , other western countries are clamping hard on rising interest rates and moving into contractionary monetary policies.

Countries like turkey , brazil are holding more than 10% interest rates to fight the rising inflation.

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