On Wednesday, Apple 🍎 held a virtual launch event to introduce its newest line of smartphones while also discontinuing some of its older models. Although Apple no longer sells the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 13 Pro series, you can still purchase them. They are no longer available for purchase directly from Apple, however resellers and independent stores may still have them for a while.In this post we compare iphone prices, comparing all available model.

Apple now has an iPhone for (nearly) every budget, starting with the cost-effective iPhone SE at $429 and going all the way up to the top-of-the-line 1TB 14 Pro Max for a staggering $1,599 in the United States (and significantly more in other parts of the world).

Apple had long been accused for focusing solely on the high-end market, a move that made it very challenging for the business to succeed in developing nations. Apple has changed its strategy in recent years to provide a wider variety of phones in response to sluggish smartphone sales in mature areas. The company’s go-to tactic for luring price-conscious customers is to keep previous year’s models available at a discounted price, while the iPhone SE range continues to be the cheapest entry point into the Apple ecosystem.

iPhone prices , iPhone model prices
iPhone prices , iPhone model prices

Iphone prices , Iphone model prices :

ModelPrice range in US Dollar ( 64 GB , 128 GB , 256 GB , 512 GB , 1 TB )256 GB Price
iphone SE500 – 600 USD530 USD
iPhone 12600 – 750 USD620 USD
iPhone 13 mini600 – 900 USD700 USD
iPhone 13700 – 1,000 USD800 USD
iPhone 14800 – 1,100 USD900 USD
iPhone 14 Plus910 – 1,200 USD1,030 USD
iPhone 14 Pro950 – 1,500 USD1,300 USD
iPhone 14 Pro Max1,100 – 1,600 USD1,400 USD
Just buy Android if you cant find your price range
iPhone prices , iPhone model prices

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