In Microsoft Revenue breakdown , Microsoft made 63.4 billion dollars in revenue from its productivity and business processes section in its fiscal year 2022, and an additional 75.3 billion from its intelligent cloud segment. 2022 turned out to be the business’s most prosperous year ever in terms of annual income, with the entire amount reaching over 198 billion dollars, in part due to the strong growth in these two areas.

Microsoft made $61.7 Billion net profit on its $168B Sales in 2021, a net profit margin of 36.7%.

Microsoft Revenue breakdown :

Windows Corporation ( Microsoft Revenue breakdown )

Microsoft has developed into one of the most prosperous IT companies in the world since its founding in 1975, and it has enjoyed years of continuous success. The corporation has hired tens of thousands of new staff over the past 10 years and spent billions on R&D to ensure that this growth continues. Microsoft’s Windows operating system, several product lines of consumer electronics, software programs like Microsoft Office, as well as more recent services like cloud computing capabilities, are just a few of the company’s key business endeavors.

Intelligent cloud segment ( Microsoft Revenue breakdown )

In FY2020, Microsoft’s intelligent cloud division surpassed the company’s more personal computer division as its fastest-growing business. Azure, SQL Server, and other public, private, and hybrid server solutions and cloud services from Microsoft are included in the intelligent cloud sector. Azure is one of the most well-known cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers, along with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The major cloud collaboration tool offered by Microsoft, Office 365, is included in the productivity and business processes sector, which means that the intelligent cloud segment does not accurately represent the entirety of the company’s cloud business. The industry titan of software has a solid foothold in the quickly expanding cloud business.