It is saying in trading world that, if you blindly end up shorting stocks with highest Short float percentage you have 70% or more chance of making profit on sell possitions.

( unless you get burned like hedgefunds in AMC stocks )

Here is the same information in table format.

Company nameSymbolMarket capIndustryShort Float
America MoviAMX$57.30 billionTelecomm31.49%
Rocket CompaniesRKT$20.1 billionFinance30.49%
Beyond meatBYND$2.2 billionPackage foods37.13%
Carvana coCVNA$5.72 billionRetail37.01%
Evgo incEVGO$2.01 billionRetail35.54%
Fisker incFSR$2.90 billionAuto32.29%
Micro Strategy IncorporatedMSTR$3.2 billionE-commerce39.26%
NikolaNKLA$3.19 billionTechnology35.19%
Most Shorted stocks in market August 2022

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