According to data from Business in the Community, parents in the UK must sacrifice more than half of their income to pay for childcare (BITC). In England, an adult on the median wage must pay for a kid under two’s full-time nursery care on average with 65 percent of their take-home pay. Parents in Wales contribute up to 63 percent of their income, compared to a slightly lower 51 percent in Scotland. Here we discuss Salary vs Childcare costs uk .

UK Childcare cost for Scotland, wales compared.

In England, parents pay an average of £71 for children aged five to eleven, compared to £73 in Scotland and Wales. This equals to 17% of the take-home earnings of the average adult in England and Scotland and 19% in Wales. BITC uses data from the Coram Family and Childcare Survey 2022 and income information from the Office of National Statistics.

salary vs childcare costs uk : High Cost of UK’s Day care centers :

The high cost of daycare is putting families under further financial strain as salaries stagnate and living expenses rise. A poll conducted by Ipsos in September on behalf of BITC found that nearly one in five (19%) women in the UK had quit their jobs because it is too difficult to reconcile work and caregiving. However, 58 percent of women claim that their caregiving obligations have prevented them from seeking for a promotion or new position.

salary vs childcare costs uk

salary vs childcare costs uk
Salary vs Childcare costs UK

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