There might be hope. Despite years of repetition, Seth Klarman has so far avoided the ravages of the “Next Buffett” curse. There are several plausible possibilities. Seth Klarman is famous american investor, here is Seth Klarman stock portfolio ( stock picks ).

It’s also feasible that Klarman is the real deal, albeit doing so would further jinx him. There’s more than a hint of Buffett about Klarman. He dismisses calls for beating benchmarks or rival funds, saying capital preservation is more crucial.

Klarman is a writer like Buffett, and he writes like Buffett. In a Financial Times essay from 2015, he advised readers to “Buy deals.” Quality matters in both business and in relationships. Patience and consistency are essential. Free yourself from expectations to do well immediately.

Seth Klarman stock portfolio

seth klarman stock investment portfolio , stock picks

Seth Klarman investment portfolio , Stock Selection and Picks

Seth Klarman stock investment portfolio 2022 – 2023

Stock% of
Holding Value
LBTYK – Liberty Global Inc. C16.37➖ 10.29%48,419,805$22.09$1,069,593,000
QRVO – Qorvo Inc.10.06➕ 4.84%6,967,036$94.32$657,131,000
VSAT – Viasat Inc.7.6416,288,959$30.63$498,931,000
LSXMK – Liberty SiriusXM Series C7.31➕ 18.67%13,245,642$36.05$477,505,000
VRTV – Veritiv Corp.5.923,564,439$108.55$386,920,000
GOOG – Alphabet Inc. CL C5.65➖ 30.78%3,376,280$109.37$369,272,000
INTC – Intel Corp.5➖ 47.42%8,724,431$37.41$326,381,000
FISV – Fiserv Inc.4.81➖ 11.43%3,532,391$88.97$314,277,000
LSXMA – Liberty Sirius XM Series A4.04➕ 30.34%7,324,854$36.04$263,988,000
WBD – Warner Bros. Discovery Inc.3.7Buy18,000,000$13.42$241,560,000
WTW – Willis Towers Watson plc2.8➖ 24.70%926,966$197.39$182,974,000
SSNC – SS&C Technologies Holdings Inc.2.63➖ 21.36%2,962,749$58.07$172,047,000
EHC – Encompass Health Corp.2.53➖ 1.67%2,950,000$56.05$165,348,000
DBX – Dropbox Inc.2.51➖ 26.03%7,819,924$20.99$164,140,000
EDU – New Oriental Education & Technology2.49Buy8,000,000$20.36$162,880,000
LBTYA – Liberty Global Inc.2.32➖ 6.05%7,194,276$21.05$151,440,000
MU – Micron Technology Inc.2.32➖ 12.05%2,735,974$55.28$151,245,000
TBPH – Theravance Biopharma Inc.1.86➖ 1.64%13,419,226$9.06$121,578,000
META – Meta Platforms Inc.1.7➖ 28.98%688,851$161.25$111,077,000
Seth Klarman Stock investment portfolio as of September 2022 – 2023

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