Elon musk has decided to pull out of Twitter deal and Board members at twitter are suing him for not buying the twitter.

We took the data to see who is more using twitter Board members of twitter who get paid Millions just to be on board or Elon musk who is big fan of twitter APP.

Elon musk tweets almost same as total board members combined ( 9 of them ).

Elon musk has 100times more followers than total Twitter board members combined.

Board MemberTotal TweetsFollowingFollowersJoined
Bret Taylor64771665121,8002007
Parag Agrawal33011381610,7342008
Mimi Alemayehou6392231120,7042011
Egon Durban5423845092017
Martha Lane Fox261002991137,6452009
Omid Kordestani551169139,1452010
Dr. Fei-Fei Li1958901403,6562010
Patrick Pichette101314368172017
David Rosenblatt1093109079232010
Elon musk18600114100,904,5672009
Twitter presence of Twitter Board vs Elon musk

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