Twitter user stats 2022
Twitter user stats 2022

If you are not living on planet mars you might be aware of the drama between Twitter and Elon musk. At the end Elon musk has decided to pull out of twitter deal ( that’s the only thing he pulled out in recent years 😛 ) . Twitter is gathering team of legal expert to sue elon musk for breaking $44 billion deal.

We collected Stats about twitter user to see whose actually right , Elon musk or Twitter.

Here is the same data : Twitter User usage stats

TwitterUsers% of Registered
Total Twitter Registered Profiles1,265,024,701100%
Total Twitter Registered Profiles that are of “Individuals” excluding Brands80954761563.99%
Total Number of Verified Profiles Worldwide Including Brands421,1820.03%
Verified Profiles of Individuals286,1160.02%
Verified Profiles of Individuals in the US70,1980.01%
Twitter Users that have Tweeted in the last 15 days70,528,5265.58%
Twitter Users that have Tweeted in the last 30 days93,431,0757.39%
Twitter Number of users and Usage of users

Last two rows should raise your eye brows. In chart it is blue and yellow circle. The actual usage of twitter remains very low . Below 8% .

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